New CAA MCK TAC – The Most Compact MCK Yet

CAA is excited to announce their latest iteration of the Micro Conversion Kit intended for VIP protection, security, home defense, and of course range fun. The new CAA USA MCK TAC is the most compact version of the Micro Conversion Kit to date and is available and shipping now. The MCK TAC will also be available in a retrofit kit for converting your standard MCK into an MCK TAC.


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New CAA MCK TAC – The Most Compact MCK Yet

The combination of the shooter’s arm at full extension and the resistance from the bungee style sling creates a steady platform for added accuracy and control when shooting the MCK TAC. Installation of the upgrade kit is a simple user-friendly process that anyone can do in just seconds. Using quick instinctive pointing technique, this non-shouldered option provides compactness and speed with an additional cool factor at the range.


The MCK TAC ships with a special bungee sling, sling swivel, and a pair of thumb rests for added stability and control when firing the platform. The TAC also adds storage space for an additional CR123 battery for your MCK flashlight or optic, or four 9mm rounds, or even a pair of in-ear hearing protection. The new TAC retrofit kit will fit all existing and future models of the Micro Conversion Kit. Pricing on the complete MCK TAC starts at $249.00 and retrofit kits are $29.95 for the Standalone TAC module or $89.95 for the TAC Kit Bundle which includes the sling, TAC, thumb rests, and sling swivel.

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